FREE ENTRY / Kelley Swindall

  • Date May 27, 2024
  • Time 16:00
  • Location Dorothy Pax

The oldest of 7 children, Kelley Swindall was born and raised in Stone Mountain, Georgia, where she grew up listening to the music of Kris Kristofferson, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash on the way to church every Sunday morning, because that’s what her Daddy listened to.
The rest of the week she listened to the Atlanta classic oldies station, because thats what her ride listened to. When she was old enough to drive herself, she added Petty & Dylan to the mix.

After Highschool, she moved NYC to study acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, but got sidetracked when a break up with a musician inspired her to write a few songs, in an attempt to win him back. It worked, but by then , she had come to the conclusion she was better off with just her and her songs and not him.

Drawing from her Southern roots, her style is a blend of soulful & bluesy folk coupled with a witty, gritty, classic country sensibility, inspired by the outlaw tradition, and deeply rooted in story songs and talking blues, driven by strong female characters who tell it like it is and don’t take shit.

With a rafter reaching voice and crazily charismatic stage presence, she’s equally at home in a Biker Bar or under a Proscenium Arch. You can find her playing, touring the country solo, as well as with her band, in her adopted hometown of NYC.

Part Patsy, Part Dolly, and all heart, her debut studio album “You Can Call Me Darlin’ If You Want” is out now on NYC based Velvet Elk Records.