FREE ENTRY / Jo Jet I Maria Ribot

  • Date May 30, 2024
  • Time 20:00
  • Location Dorothy Pax

Translated from Catalan:

Since its inception, JJMR has unleashed its own rebellion in a musical jumble of subtleties and remarkable emotional intensity. With poetry as the main axis of its lyrical temperament, the formation has burst into the sensitive imagination of every listener from its first legacy, ‘Viatges i flors’ (2014), to the last, ‘FEBRUARY // AUGUST’ ( 2022). In between, they complete a vital discography with titles such as “Free or rest” (2016) or “Sant Llorenç” (2020).

With ‘FEBRUARY // AUGUST’ they return accompanied by Marina Lluch on percussion, they renew airs and sculpt an album free of certainties, while entering completely unsuspected territory. With the creative team on duty made up of Elisabet Mateu and Ignasi Ávila, the line-up this time heads towards an unknown, independent, direct direction, a bit more urban and ambiguously trivial.

The ornaments of the new LP fall on the production, the work of Mr. Chen, who has added a more lo-fi tone and an intermittent luminosity. Poetry, voice and guitar are still the three essential legs of a stool that never disappears, and which sustains a record that, unlike the rest of his discography, wanders through the plainer and better valleys visibility